Test your sense of responsibility

  • Are you looking to improve your clarity and confidence in how you deal with responsibility?
  • Are you interested in the quality and performance of your company or organisation regarding responsibility?
  • Would you like to be able to measure this quality and performance with a high degree of reliability, validity, and certainty?

Participate in the Focus on Responsibility survey, now! Gain the advantage now, by taking a look at yourself! You know what they say. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

What you gain:

  • Awareness about your status quo regarding the quality of your responsibility
  • A realistic and objective view of yourself
  • Understanding how to increase your impact
  • Tangible suggestions on how to improve yourself and your deficits
  • Profit from a method tried, tested, and approved a million times over
  • There are no wrong answers, nor can you cheat yourself
  • See your abilities, quality, and performance compared to the national average

What you venture:

  • 30 Minutes of your time
  • Motivation to develop yourself
  • Being open to looking yourself in the eye
  • € 113,00 Euro incl. VAT (€ 94,96 Euro net)

Your Evaluation Package:

  1. Your Introductory video: For orientation purposes, Boris Grundl and his development team will explain the structure of the analysis package, the procedure, and its utility.
  2. Your evaluation report: This report offers a highly individualised appraisal about how you currently perceive responsibility, how you live it, assess it, and value it. Tangible suggestions and guidance will show you different approaches on how you can significantly improve your abilities and qualities regarding your sense of responsibility. These results specifically analyse two different value perspectives:
    • The outer realm: The perceived world of responsibility
    • The inner realm: the internal processes
  3. Your Audio Analysis: Boris Grundl will assess your results and analyse them accordingly, by giving you a step by step appraisal of your results, qualities, and areas of potential improvement.

Individual Assessment – 3.7 quadrillion possible combinations

The survey itself only takes a few minutes. Based on your input and information Focus on Responsibility will measure your quality and performance regarding responsibility in twelve different dimensions.

Afterwards, you will receive your individual code and a preliminary assessment of how you value and assess responsibility. This code is your key to request the Combo-Package Focus on Responsibility.

Would you like to analyse more deeply and thoroughly?

Would you like to analyse and assess your whole team? Let us offer you our discount, applicable when you order five or more surveys. If you are interested, let us know!

Looking for a more comprehensive view of yourself as a manager or leader? Are you interested in measuring your current competencies and abilities as a leader? Do you want to know where you really stand? The Leadership Excellence Report might interest you!


The Report – explained by experts.

Assess yourself!

Assess yourself now. Without obligation.


Where do you stand in terms of responsibility?

Assess yourself now and compare yourself with more than 1000 participants from all over Germany

Focus on Responsibility

Regardless of external influences, roles, self-image, or public image, the self-assessment will help you see more clearly how you can improve and develop your skills. You will learn how to systematically unlock hidden potentials. First your own, then those of the people around you.

Everyone is responsible for their one thoughts and actions. This is the foundation of a self-determined and fulfilling life.

Without responsibility, there is no progress

When nobody does what they are supposed to do, we will never get to where we are supposed to be. A high degree of responsibility automatically leads to a high degree of goal orientation. Managers and leaders are inherently responsible for the results of their employees.

Those who recognise and consciously accept or reject responsibility, have the power and the ability to influence change, achieve goals and change their relationship with one another. The individual perspectives on responsibility are constantly subject to change. Everyone can work on their approach and view on responsibility at any time. Focus on Responsibility will help you with that. Assess yourself!

Sample Report

Download the sample report
for Focus on Responsibility now


PDF Document, 7 pages, 245 kb

About the method

The Summary Report calculates the data provided through the online survey by the participant. It is based on a two-pillar ranking system of 18 terms and statements for each pillar. The scientific basis for the underlying data collection and assessment method is Prof. Robert S. Hartman’s research, utilising the Hartman Value Profile (HVP).The HVP has been utilised a million times over and has thus been scientifically validified accordingly.


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Grundl Leadership Institut

Owner: Boris Grundl
Richard Kohler Weg 8
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Fon +49. 74 25 . 20 997 – 0
Fax +49. 74 25 . 20 997 – 99
E-Mail: info@grundl-institut.de
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